ACET Idiom of the Week!

This week’s idiom is put on your Thinking Cap!

thinking cap

What does this idiom mean?

To start thinking seriously about how to solve a problem or make some suggestions.

Example: Teacher to students: ‘I’d like you all to put on your thinking caps and suggest a few ways to solve this puzzle’

When did we start using this idiom?

Most people claim that the first instance of the expression is from an American newspaper from 1850s ‘……. and it obliges every man to keep his thinking cap’

Is there a real ‘thinking cap’?

There doesn’t seem to have been an actual thinking cap. But I wonder would it be helpful if you really needed to concentrate on a problem?


Some sentences using ‘thinking cap’

“It’s just a matter of someone putting their thinking cap on and making something work,” he said.    Courier, Sunday Mail


So put your thinking cap on and anything else you propose wearing today and find someone we can talk to before twelve thirty this afternoon. Dobbs, Michael The Touch of Innocents


You may well put your thinking cap on, if you’ve got one.’