Free Irish Music & Dance Display

The new season of Céilí Cois Locha has commenced. 

Every Wednesday throughout the summer, a cultural display of live traditional music and dance takes place in the well known city recreational space, The Lough.

On this night both locals and visitors alike gather by the lake for an evening of Céilí dance instruction and live traditional music.This summer event is one of the best cultural activities in Cork. Here is what our student Keny had to say about his experience on Wednesday night last…

“I went with friends to the Lough on Wednesday, and I was delighted with my experience overall. We watched and danced a typical Irish dance. The music played is live and upbeat by a band of local people. It was wonderful even if not to take part but even to look at. Other people will show you the dance even if you don’t know them so by the end we are all dancing ceili step. The Lough has beautiful views which you can walk around and explore nature, and wildlife. Any visitors in Cork should visit Lough on Wednesdays. It’s entertaining definitely.”

Lough picture

Thanks to Keny Gerardo Flores Pineda for his input this week.