ACET Students Witness Rare Solar Eclipse

ACET students enjoyed an outdoor class to witness the rare Solar Eclipse.

Eclipse Dog Day Media

Last Friday 20th March saw the occurrence of a rare Solar Eclipse. Those lucky to be in Cork on Friday enjoyed the clearest viewing conditions for witnessing this rare event. Students at ACET enjoyed an outdoor class in order to witness the spectacle. Students and teachers met early at the school and walked the short distance up Patrick’s Hill to an elevated green area that proved to be the perfect viewing point.


We experimented with different ways of viewing the eclipse. Camille provided slides of welding glass allowing everyone a glimpse of the action without endangering their eyesight.  Patrick brought a colander through which we viewed the hundreds of shadows of the eclipse onto a sheet of paper. Others experimented with CD’s and paper cut outs.

Colander 1



In addition to the eclipse itself, everybody enjoyed the breath-taking panoramic view of the city skyline. Overall a great morning was had with everybody enjoying their morning outing in the fresh air immensely.

Students Sunglasses

We only have to wait until 2026 to enjoy the next Solar Eclipse of this kind, and we are looking forward to it already!