Idiom of the Week!

The Apple of My Eye heart

If one is to describe somebody as the Apple of My Eye, it implies that they cherish or favour someone and think more highly of that person than others. It is also commonly associated with describing or expressing feelings of love for someone.

For example. ‘I was so deeply in love. She was the apple of my eye.’


The origins of this commonly used phrase date back to Biblical times. The first known use of the phrase appeared in the King James Bible which was one of the first known translations of the Bible from Hebrew into the English language. This version of the Bible became the most widely printed in history.

Later again the phrase famously appeared in Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Nights’ Dream’.

In more recent years the phrase featured as the name of song by the popular Irish band Bell X 1.

apple 2


ACET Idiom of the Week!

This week’s idiom is Cast Your Eye Over It

Cast your eye over the picture on this page – what is it?  It is an Irish breakfast.

Cast your eye over it means to look at it quickly or to glance at it, without paying attention to the details. You could say take a quick look at this picture.

If you want to examine something more carefully we would say ‘take a good look at this picture. Do you know what it contains? Try to name as many items as you can.

cast your eyeThe origin of this expression is thought to be from Middle English word ‘casten‘ which means to throw.

To answer the question an Irish breakfast contains sausages, rashers, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, black and white pudding and hash browns.

Even casting an eye over it will make you hungry – don’t you agree?