St. Patrick’s Day in Cork!

ACET student Andrea Sebé  Fernández gives an account of St. Patrick’s festivities that took place recently in the city.

“On 17th March came the long awaited day for everyone. In the morning everybody was in the parade, in Saint Patrick Street. The streets were packed with thousands of people all so excited. Families, locals and tourists like us all together to celebrate a massive cultural event.

There was music, many people with green customs and lots of good feelings.When the parade was over people some people decided to return home, and then others went to the pubs to listen live Irish music. It is a very busy evening in the city, maybe the busiest night of the whole year. If you wanted you could eat something in the many posts that had restaurants on the street to sell food”.

Paddy's Day Parade

“It was a unique experience and I’m very happy to have been able to live this day in Ireland”. 

ACET Students Perform Christmas Production



Action Hollywood

ACET students performed a production of ‘Twas the Night before Christmas in Cork …like’ in the school on Thursday, December 3rd. The enthusiastic group of students had been rehearsing and preparing the production for a number of weeks in the lead up to the Christmas season. The mini drama was a modern take of the Nativity, but with a prominent Cork twist.

The cast and crew included Marco Maffei, Tatiana Wilmer Diestro, Victor Carpio, Danilo Carvalho Vital, Evandro De Limo,  Itamara Diniz, Robson Oliveira, Tiago Cordero Rafael, Najara Rocha Cruz, Sandra Volger, Luis Montojo Morey and Pere Nolla. We were also delighted to have baby Rory feature in the play as the baby Jesus.

play cast

The group were subsequently awarded the ACET Student of the Month Award for December on account of their dedication to the project. This is the first time that the award had presented to a group.

Christmas Traditions from Across the world.


We spoke with ACET students to hear how they celebrate the Christmas season at home. 

Vera Blog

Name: Vera Vykoukalova

Nationality: Czech

“For Christmas we often have potato salad and carp. The older generation of women bake a number of small cakes all different shapes and flavours. Sometimes they have as many as 20 – 25! They often swap recipes for these cakes. In Czech Republic we celebrate Christmas on the 24th December with our immediate family and have dinner around 5pm. On the 25th December we have a big celebration with all of our extended family.

One tradition we have in Czech Republic is to stand with your back to the door and throw your shoe/boot over your shoulder. If the shoe lands with the toes pointing out the door you will  be getting married in the next year. If it lands with the toes points in the door, then may next year!” – Vera.

Tomohiso blog

Name: Tomohiso Yamazaki

Nationality: Japanese

“This is will be my first time experiencing Christmas! In Japan we do not celebrate so I am really enjoying the festivities in Cork for Christmas so far. I am not sure yet what I will do on Christmas day but I will either spend it with friends or enjoy Christmas dinner with my host family” – Tomohiso.

celie blog

Name: Celie Gunnarsson

Nationality: Swedish

“In Sweden we celebrate Christmas on the 24th December. We have a wonderful dinner and exchange gifts. We leave our Christmas presents under the tree and don’t have Christmas stockings like the people in Ireland do. Sometimes for fun we write a little rhyme on the present to give people a hint as to what it is. Later on Christmas evening we drink schnapps after singing songs. The 25th of December is the night we go out and party with our friends” – Celie.

DAnilo blog.jpg

Name: Danilo Carvahlo Vital

Nationality: Brazilian

“This year I am spending Christmas in Ireland with friends. It will be my first Christmas outside of Brazil. In Brazil we celebrate Christmas on the 24th December. We eat dinner together and  at midnight we exchange presents. On the 25th December we meet with all of our extended family and celebrate” – Danilo.