Student Review: Alessia Schmid – Ghost Tour in Cork

Ghost Tour in Cork!

“Last Friday 29th of May we attended a Ghost Tour in Cork city for fun! The meeting point was at the Opera House in Cork and we had no expectations. None of us did something like this before. When we first saw a man, who was dressed up like from the 17. Century, we didn’t realise that he was belong to our group. Finally we found that the man with the pale face was our guide!


Just as the tour started I was really impressed with the skills of the man. He turned out as a brilliant storyteller. Not only he has an impressive emphasis, he also told his legends with  humour.

Throughout the tour we visited a few famous buildings from Cork – of course a church (Shandon) and a graveyard. We stopped from time to time at the different points and he started to tell a new ghost story. He had also knowledge about the history from the town Cork and shared it with us.

The man was helped a woman who make the story more lively. She was truly a terrific actress. She made the subtitle for the man and imitate the plot creepy. The woman went away from us, but never for long. Sometimes she came up suddenly behind the wall or behind a house and if nobody was frightened before, now they will be.

In my opinion, I would definitely recommend it. If you believe in ghosts or not, you will feel certainly a chill about the legends from the past. And who knows, maybe there are really ghosts, who sneak under us through the town.”

Ghost tour

Thanks to Alessia Schmid for providing us with the review of her weekend activities!


May Bank Holiday in Cork

The May Bank Holiday weekend has arrived. This weekend traditionally signals the beginning of the summer season. There are many events scheduled throughout the city and county.

We suggest to visit two picturesque coastal towns this weekend that are located a short distance out of the city.

Visit Cobh

Visiting Cobh is a memorable experience for all visitors. Trains run to Cobh from Cork city every half hour. Cobh welcomes some of the world’s largest cruise liners to its docks each summer. This weekend ‘Le Boreal’ will be docking in the town on Sunday. Cruise liners usually attract hundreds of interested locals, and The Cobh Brass band usually entertain visitors along the same docks where the infamous ‘Titanic’ once docked many years ago.

 Cruise Liner Cobh

We definitely recommend that you visit the Cobh Heritage Centre to witness ‘The Titanic Experience’. This exhibition has many artifacts of relevance to Titanic and details the background of local passengers. Don’t forget to produce your ACET card on entry to avail of reduced admission prices.

Another place of interest is St. Colman’s Cathedral. This impressive  neo – Gothic style cathedral will be visible overlooking the town. This church has the largest bell carillon in Ireland and we promise that the  steep climb up the hill will be worth it.

St Coleman's Cathedral

Visit Kinsale 

Kinsale is a fabulous town to visit at any time of the year. The Kinsale 7’s Festival takes place this weekend. This festival sees teams from all over the country travel to participate in the tournament. It attracts thousands of rugby enthusiasts to the town along with others who wish to socialise in the towns many pubs and restaurants. The town is often referred to as the ‘Gourmet Capital of Ireland!’ You won’t be disappointed with the range of food on offer.

Kinsale town

Aside from the Rugby events, there are many other ways to enjoy Kinsale. One can take in the scenery on boat cruise around the harbour, or visit the breath taking Charlesfort with panoramic views the harbour. Charlesfort is a fortified structure located a short distance outside of the town centre. It is one of Ireland’s best preserved historical sites. When visiting, show your ACET student card for discounted admission!


Spending your Weekend in the City?

Why not spend some time getting to know Cork city?

Blareny Castle

Take the 215 bus route to Blarney Castle and get the gift of the gab by kissing the Blarney Stone! Admission price is €11 with an ACET student card. Afterward, why not stop for a cup of Barry’s Tea in the Stable Yard café located within the picturesque grounds of Blarney Castle.

Barrys's Tea

 After Blarney Castle and your cup of tea, why not visit the largest Irish Souvenir Shop in Ireland (and maybe even the world) at the Blarney Woollen Mills.  Afterwards, when you are laden down with souvenirs and kitted out in your new Irish woolly jumper, you can head over the road to one of the traditional Irish pubs in the village square for a pint of Beamish. Here you are sure to enjoy a chat with the locals and maybe even catch traditional Irish music session.

Trad Music session

If you’re around the city centre for an afternoon, we recommend that you call into the English Market for a food experience like no other. With several restaurants and cafes to choose from and the best artisan food produce in all of Ireland, you will be spoiled for choice. Five minutes walk from the city centre is St the legendary St Patrick’s Hill. Located at the top of this hill is a quiet and lesser known park called ‘The Camp Field’. From here you can witness a panoramic view overlooking the iconic Shandon Tower and the cityscape of Cork.


 On your return journey to the city centre, stop in for a cup of Cork’s finest coffee in Cork Coffee Roasters on Bridge St .You will need it after your pleasant day of sightseeing.

Keep Your English Up-to-Date

English is an evolving language and new words and expressions are often added and the meaning of existing words can change.

Let’s take a look at some new words and the new use of some existing words.

floordrobe‘Floordrobe’ – where do you keep your clothes? In a wardrobe or a chest of drawers? Perhaps you keep your clothes are on the floor, then you have a floordrobe. There are no hangers or drawers or doors, just drop your clothes on the floor – it’s so much easier to find in the morning if you just leave them on the floordrobe!

whatever‘Whatever’ has many functions, such as:

We can use it to mean everything or anything, for example: ‘You can have whatever you want for your birthday’

We also use it when we can’t think of the word we want or it is not important, for example: ‘you can use any colour, red, green or whatever.

However, nowadays, it is used more and more often as an exclamation to dismiss someone or show an indifferent attitude. ‘Whatever!’ By using this intonation, people stop an argument either because they know they won’t win it or they are wrong.

Use some of the sites above to look at the meaning of ‘selfie, ‘ginormous’ ‘chillaxing’ ‘newbie’ and ‘glamping’.

Do you know of any new words that you would like to tell us about? Let me know! Laura