2016 – A Year of Commemorations in Ireland

Commemorations have been taking place across Ireland in the past number of weeks in remembrance of Jeremiah O’ Donovan Rossa. On Saturday last, a state commemoration took place at Rossa’s graveside at Glasnevin cemetery in Dublin, and was attended by President Michael D. Higgins. This occasion began the launch of a series of state commemorations and events that are planned across Ireland throughout 2016 to mark the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising, an event which ultimately paved the way for Ireland’s independence from Britain in 1921.

ODR graveside

O’ Donovan Rossa was a pivotal member in Irish nationalism, and an instrumental figure in the plight for Ireland’s liberation from British rule. As a lifelong campaigner for Irish independence, he was imprisoned in dire conditions in a series of prisons in England from 1865. Upon his release was 1870 he was forced into exile and spent the remainder of his life in New York where he continued to campaign and raise funds for the Irish cause.

His funeral in 1915 at Glasnevin cemetery drew huge attendance. The graveside oration given by Padraig Pearse is an iconic moment of Irish history, and is regarded as having sown the seeds for the armed rising that took place the following year at Easter 1916.

ODR Portrait

Recently a re-enactment of a torch lit parade led by Rossa in 1860 took place in Skibbereen, West Cork as part of the Skibbereen Arts Festival.  Everyone in attendance wore the dress style of the era, and the event turned out a momentous and thrilling occasion for the thousands that participated and who had traveled to see the spectacle.  watched.

ODR Parade

ODR Crowd

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August Bank Holiday – Films at Fitzy’s

Throughout the past few evenings this week, there have been outdoor screenings of some classic movies on the lawn of the Pavillion at Fitzgerald’s Park organised by Cork Film Festival in partnership with Cork City Council. This mini festival will continue each evening throughout the Bank Holiday weekend.

Films at Fitzy's

Beatriz, our summer intern from Italy, was at a screening on Wednesday night, and here is what she had to say about the event.

“Yesterday it was the first night of the “Films at Fitzy’s”, an outdoor cinema festival that will take place in Fitgerald’s Park from 29th July to 3rd August. The first screening was “Amélie”, a charming French romantic comedy. The atmosphere at the park was very cosy and cheerful, the audience was very wide and everyone brought his own blankets and cushions to stay warmer and more comfortable while enjoying the movie. You can also bring crisps, popcorn or buy some tea and candyfloss at the stands in the park. It was very fun to share this experience with my host family!  The next screenings will include “Amhrán na Mara”, the Irish version of the animation movie “Song of the sea”. It’s possible to book tickets online or to buy them at the park just before the screening (price 5€).”


The film screening schedule is as follows:

July 29 Amélie

July 30 Good Vibrations

July 31 Amhrán na Mara (Song of the Sea)

 August 1 The Third Man (Re-Issue)

 August 2 An American Werewolf In London

August 3 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Screenings take place at 10pm nightly and tickets are €5 each.

There is limited capacity so book early

For more information see Facebook and the website links below.


2015 Festival

ACET – Our Ruby Year


Celebrations were held recently at ACET to mark the 40th Anniversary of the school.

It was a momentous occasion for the Coade family, especially for Odile, who has nurtured the business since 1975 into the establishment that it is today.

Students and staff toasted over a champagne reception to mark the occasion and there was a great atmosphere.


More celebrations will follow throughout the summer to mark the Ruby Anniversary year.

Here’s to the next 40 years of ACET!


Free Irish Music & Dance Display

The new season of Céilí Cois Locha has commenced. 

Every Wednesday throughout the summer, a cultural display of live traditional music and dance takes place in the well known city recreational space, The Lough.

On this night both locals and visitors alike gather by the lake for an evening of Céilí dance instruction and live traditional music.This summer event is one of the best cultural activities in Cork. Here is what our student Keny had to say about his experience on Wednesday night last…

“I went with friends to the Lough on Wednesday, and I was delighted with my experience overall. We watched and danced a typical Irish dance. The music played is live and upbeat by a band of local people. It was wonderful even if not to take part but even to look at. Other people will show you the dance even if you don’t know them so by the end we are all dancing ceili step. The Lough has beautiful views which you can walk around and explore nature, and wildlife. Any visitors in Cork should visit Lough on Wednesdays. It’s entertaining definitely.”

Lough picture

Thanks to Keny Gerardo Flores Pineda for his input this week.

Student Review: Alessia Schmid – Ghost Tour in Cork

Ghost Tour in Cork!

“Last Friday 29th of May we attended a Ghost Tour in Cork city for fun! The meeting point was at the Opera House in Cork and we had no expectations. None of us did something like this before. When we first saw a man, who was dressed up like from the 17. Century, we didn’t realise that he was belong to our group. Finally we found that the man with the pale face was our guide!


Just as the tour started I was really impressed with the skills of the man. He turned out as a brilliant storyteller. Not only he has an impressive emphasis, he also told his legends with  humour.

Throughout the tour we visited a few famous buildings from Cork – of course a church (Shandon) and a graveyard. We stopped from time to time at the different points and he started to tell a new ghost story. He had also knowledge about the history from the town Cork and shared it with us.

The man was helped a woman who make the story more lively. She was truly a terrific actress. She made the subtitle for the man and imitate the plot creepy. The woman went away from us, but never for long. Sometimes she came up suddenly behind the wall or behind a house and if nobody was frightened before, now they will be.

In my opinion, I would definitely recommend it. If you believe in ghosts or not, you will feel certainly a chill about the legends from the past. And who knows, maybe there are really ghosts, who sneak under us through the town.”

Ghost tour

Thanks to Alessia Schmid for providing us with the review of her weekend activities!