ACET Idiom of the Week!

This week’s idiom is As Keen as Mustard

MustardAs Keen as Mustard means that one is extremely enthusiastic in general or about something in particular.

Example sentences:

  1. We asked Adam to sing at the concernt because he was as keen as mustard.
  2. Sandy got the job in the end because she was kind, reliable and as keen as mustard.

Many of us might not be keen about mustard but our favourite things in life can make us as keen as mustard!! 🙂

ACET Idiom of the Week!


Have you ever felt like you have been doing or saying something repeatedly but getting no results?? Well then you could say that you are blue in the face from doing it!

So for example, if you are always telling your children to wipe their feet before they step inside but they don’t, you are blue in the face from telling them!

Blue face

Valentine’s Day!

DovesInteresting facts about Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is on February 14 and its name comes from an early Christian martyr named Saint Valentine. It is traditionally a day when lovers express their love for each other by giving each other flowers, chocolates and cards. Valentine’s Day symbols include the heart, doves, and Cupid.  Nowadays, St Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many parts of the world. People in love buy presents, send messages and cards to their lovers.

In middle ages, names of young men and women were pulled from a bowl and were declared each other’s valentines. These names were then pinned to their sleeves for everyone to witness for one week. That’s how the expression, “to wear your heart on your sleeve” originated.

Valentine’s Day is the number 1 holiday for florists.  People who buy flowers on this day are 73% men and only 27% women.  Each colour of rose sent on Valentine’s day have some meaning e.g. red rose means love and respect, pink says, “I am having sweet thoughts about you” and white rose stands for purity and states, “I am worthy of you”. Also the number of roses also counts for instance, 1 stands for love at first sight; 12 is to say, “I love you.”

In late 1800s the first box of chocolate was introduced by Richard Cadbury for Valentine’s Day. Each year more than 35 million heart shaped chocolate boxes are sold on Valentine’s Day.   

In Japan they have two Valentine’s Day. The first is February 14th when girls give dark chocolate to the boys they like and the second is on March 14th when boys give cookies or white chocolate to the girls they like.


Love Expressions

fall for someone: to fall in love

love is blind: when you love someone, you do not notice their faults

catch someone’s eye: to be attractive to another person

fall head over heels for someone: to completely fall in love

be lovey-dovey: describes a couple who show how much they are in love

Why don’t you try to write a love poem to celebrate!

I love you, I love you, I love you, I do

My love is forever and truly for you

Be my Valentine and I’ll be yours

We’ll be love even when the rain pours

I’m happy, so happy that you are mine

Say you love me and we’ll be fine

Poem by ACET’s Laura!

Facts with a little help from and