ACET Idiom of the Week!

This week’s idiom is Spoilt for Choice!

What will I watch on TV tonight? I could watch a film, a police drama, a documentary, a comedy or soap opera.  I can’t decide – there are some many channels for me to choose from. In fact, I am spoilt for choice.

The idiom ‘to be spoilt for choice’ means to have so many good choices that it is quite difficult to make a decision.

For example: There are so many good restaurants here in Cork, you really are spoilt for choice.

Sweet ShopImagine being a child in this sweet shop – he would find it very hard to decide which sweets to buy – he really is spoilt for choice.

Smiley faceIdioms are fun and there are so many to choose from you – you will be spoilt for choice.

Check out this website for some more idioms

 Have fun! Laura


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