ACET Idiom of the Week!


Playing with fire is used to refer to something that is dangerous or risky that could lead to you being harmed. So, if you run across the street when there is traffic coming, you are playing with fire!FireBIG


ACET Idiom of the Week!


Worth its weight in gold can be said when someone wants to express gratitude to somebody else for helping them out in a situation. For example, if we were preparing for a big party 🙂 and a friend helps us to get everything prepared, we could say to our friend at the end “You really are worth your weight in gold!”

Similarly, one can also refer to an inanimate object as being worth its weight in gold. It can be used if something is extremely useful or valuable. For example if you are assembling a piece of flat-pack furniture at home, the instruction manual is definitely worth its weight in gold!!!


ACET’s English Learning Tips!



While stuck in a traffic jam the other day I passed the time by reading some of the advertisements around me.  My heart skipped a beat when I saw a van, advertising ‘Irelands best bread’. Missing and misplaced apostrophes may not bother everyone, but for an ELT teacher, they are a real heartbreaker! A nice meal can be ruined when a menu offers “fresh vegetable’s”! A stroll along the beach spoiled by signs like “dogs’ must be kept on a leash” or try our delicious ice cream’s”. Have you been shopping and seen “DVD’s for sale”?

If native speakers can’t get it right, what chance is there for our learners?

At ACET we have prepared this simple guide which should be helpful.

Possessive (singular)  John’s car was parked outside the cinema
Possessive (plural)  The footballers’ cars were parked outside the stadium
Possessive name ending in “s” James’ job involved a lot of travelling
Possessive and plural name The Smiths’ house was destroyed in the flood
Possessive irregular nouns The children’s books, the women’s gym
Contraction (missing letters) I can’t believe it!  I wouldn’t do that! It’s too late!
Numbers  80’s music is the best!I went to college in the ‘80s
Unusual Words Mind your p’s and q’s 
 Possessive Pronouns No Apostrophe mine, yours, his, hers, its, theirs etc
Common Abbreviations The shops sells DVDs and CDs 
Compound Nouns He works in the accounts departmentShe drives a sports car

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ACET Staff Profile – Vicky

Vicky 2013My name is Vicky and I am the Sales and Marketing Executive in ACET. I have worked in the Education Industry since leaving university in 2002 when I began working as a Secondary School Teacher in a private Swiss boarding school called Institut auf dem Rosenberg in St Gallen. I worked there for three years teaching English, History, Geography & Drama to students from all over the world. I loved my role and living abroad gave me a real taste for travel and a love of other countries & cultures.

Whilst working I began studying part time for a Masters in Business Studies. On my return home to Ireland I began teaching English while finalising my studies. I then began working in the Marketing Department of a beautiful school in Dublin called the Dublin School of English where I worked for a number of years, with my final four as their Marketing Manager. In 2012 I made the move to Cork to be with my loved one and began the next part of life’s journey in this wonderful school called ACET . In ACET I am the Sales and Marketing Executive where I do all things related to Sales, Marketing, Advertising & PR. My favourite part of the job is taking care of existing and new clients whilst also building future relationships. I am part of a fantastic team here and each day at work is a pleasure.

In my spare time I like to read, play tennis, cook and walk. I also like to go to the gym but have become more of a fixture in the sauna & jacuzzi than on the treadmill! I also sail occasionally. At weekends by day you will find me on the tennis court or walking on the beach.  By night I am generally in one of the many delicious restaurants in Cork.

I like cupcakes and all things sweet but sadly you will find me eating them rather than preparing them. I have promised myself that I will learn to bake treats rather than just eat them so that is one of my 2013 goals.

My role as Sales & Marketing Executive takes me to many places and introduces me to many people. I also get to work with an amazing team here in ACET, all of which you will get to meet in the coming weeks of this blog.