Goodbye from Berta!

march 2013 186Slowly this is coming to the end, it’s been almost two months since I arrived.

A completely different experience but at the same time so similar to the others.

Two months full of experiences, anecdotes, parties, work, friends… that I will always remember.

I’ve met amazing people, we are like a big family, we spend the days together, we help each other with our problems…

During these months we have celebrated birthdays, parties… but now we begin to celebrate goodbyes, as people come and people go as part of the cycle of being abroad for a few months.

St Patrick’s Day has come and gone, it was our last weekend together and was amazing.

I’d say “thanks” to all of you for the breathtaking time you gave me and hope we’ll meet again in this tiny world. For this we have to continue to walk on our own path even though it may be rainy or painful. Tomorrow is tomorrow. It could be a shinier day tomorrow.

Finally, thanks ACET for giving me this experience, helping me to grow as a person and being on my first steps in my career.

Berta Ruiz


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